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More than programming

all stages of the product life cycle


and Vision

Proof of Concept

and Prototype

Market Launch

and User Tests

Evolution and


Kompass Energia is the company that generates the most solar energy in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It has a specific business model and, with the development project of the WebApp portal, increased customer satisfaction and can automate various internal processes, reducing administrative and operational costs.

Triangulos Tecnologia - Portfolio


Product cycle planning and WebAPP and IoT development.

Multiobjective project that consists of a digital platform of climatic data and that aims to support the development of a conscious and participative society. With low-cost modular stations that are easy to install, it allows anyone to install, monitor and share their collected climatic data in real time.



Telemedicine WebApp.

Development of a telemedicine application that consists of a user and calendar control system; creation, management and availability of high performance virtual video call rooms; security and privacy in information flows.


Process optimization and prototyping Mobile App Android and IOS.

Process mapping and optimization through the identification of hubs of central and critical activities of the Population Support Center of the Social Assistance Secretariat of the Municipality of São Carlos-SP. Implementation of Mobile App to automate and improve data collection, storage and analysis processes.



Financial management of research projects with fiscal and supplier integration and validation.

The accountability process, although it is of fundamental importance to guarantee the transparency of public and private investments in research, should not take much time away from the researcher's main activity, which is to do Science and generate knowledge and technologies. Pesqeasy is a fintech focused on financial management and automation of accountability focused on research, thus reducing the time spent on these bureaucratic activities.


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