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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing



IoT Integrations

IoT Integrations

Process Automation

Process Automation

Product Owner

Product Owner

Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Successful partnerships to leverage innovation from start to finish

We are always improving our services and delivering quality

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Video Streaming

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Have your own video call room, privacy, security and personalization. Integrate this functionality into your organization.

Online Shopping


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Increase your online sales. Customized virtual stores for any size of business. We help you select and implement the ideal solution.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Database

Implementation of database server in the cloud, highly scalable on demand. Fast and reliable access to data.

Cloud Storage

Object storage in a highly scalable cloud infrastructure that can be accessed by many applications.

API Development and Integration


On-demand computing development service that performs functions in response to events and automatically manages the required resources.


Priority when creating an application in the cloud. The applications are designed with the premise of the minimum permission required at all levels of access, whether in the integration between services or in the resource's own access in the cloud.


  • Go to the Cloud

  • Optimize your infrastructure

  • Get resources on demand

  • Increase your IT performance

  • Reduce infrastructure costs

  • Increase the availability of your resources

Flexibility to securely access, manipulate and combine data from multiple sources.




Responsive and mobile web applications with technologies that improve the user experience, such as Progressive Web App (PWA). Launch your multiplatform product faster.

Virtual Store and Marketplace

Online store or marketplaces for any size of business, we design the ideal solution for your online sales.

Complete Systems

Development of complete systems, integrating operations and departments into efficient web solutions.

Online Portals

Offer a central access point for your team, customers and suppliers, reducing your organization's administrative burden.

Features for your Organization

We develop customized features on demand to complement your organization.


  • Integrate new features

  • Create your app

  • Create access point with business rules for your customers or suppliers

  • Launch a personalized service

  • Access performance reports

  • and much more...


IoT Integrations

Enpoint Protocols

Communication protocols in open and closed networks, communication, security and high availability for your equipment.

Processes Management

Tracking and monitoring processes through connected devices.

Data Management

High frequency data storage and management. Treatment and availability in interfaces with access control for different users.


  • Monitor your equipment

  • Securely store your data

  • Automate identification, processes and activities

Automation and Optimization for Organizations

Process Mapping and Analysis

Modeling and analysis of organizational activities, with a focus on reducing operating costs through technological automation.

Process Improvement

Dedicated specialists in procedural and technological improvements. Survey, specification and validation of requirements scope.

Application Deployment

Structured methodology and development to implement and monitor automation and optimization solutions at different organizational levels.


  • Reduce operating costs

  • Automate tasks

  • Avoid wasting time

  • Improve resource allocation


Product Owner

Conception and Strategy

Creation of the product life cycle concept and strategy by specialized teams.

Market analysis

Business specialists dedicated to environmental scanning and market analysis for product launches.

Scope Management

The success of any product depends on planning and good scope management.

Market Launch

Launch plan and monitoring from the MVP to the final product to the market.

ROI analysis

Recurring analysis of return on investment, KPI's and creation of performance dashboards.

Full Project Management

Specialists in project management to manage all areas, adjusting structures and approaches tailored to each situation, scrum, lean, agile, waterfall, hybrids and etc. ,

Team Management


  • Strategic planning

  • Market research
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Design and UX / UI
  • Business model
  • Branding
  • MVP launch
  • Creation and Management of KPIs
  • Market Launch
  • Monetization
  • Feasibility analysis
  • New Business Structuring

Team engagement and management, communication and transparency with everyone involved in the project.


Research and Innovation

Strategy and Execution Plan

Alignment with the objectives of the business plan for the development, materialization and offer of innovative ideas to the market and society.

Stakeholder Management

Through corporate governance policies, communication and mapping the objectives, interests and preferences of the parties involved, we guarantee efficiency in the execution of the project.

Management of Change

Changes in the scope of requirements are common in research, development and innovation projects, we have structured processes to manage these situations efficiently.

Innovation management

Systematization of the innovation process, establishing inputs, processing and outputs aligned with the strategy. Realizing ideas and generating value.

Risk management

What could go wrong? We map, as well as the probability and impact of each risk using structured techniques and tools to plan, evaluate and mitigate the risks involved.

Partnerships and External Relations

Your project has high technological laughter, research demands and external skills, count on our network of partnerships to mitigate them and overcome these barriers in the development of the solution.


  • Generate innovation in your projects

  • Create innovation flows in your organization

  • Turn your searches into scalable products

  • Manage R&D efficiently

  • Transform your ideas into innovative solutions

  • Technological and financial feasibility analysis

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